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The ILCA is the most popular single handed one-design sailboat of all time, and has introduced countless people to the sport of sailing with over 220,000 boats delivered since inception. Zim Sailing continues the tradition of excellence by building ILCAs in the same great facilities that have built our C420s, FJs, 420Es, and Optis for years.

New in 2023 is the introduction of Zim Club, Race, and Pro rigging systems for each rig size. These have been developed to cater to the needs of a broad range of sailors, and allow for upgrading of individual systems or the rigging package as a whole.


  • Rigging & Hardware Details:

    • Classic 22mm Harken blocks
    • 6:1 outhaul & cunningham
    • Harken vang w/ 22mm becket block
    • Gorilla tiller + aluminum extension
    • Kingfisher Evo Dinghy line kit
    • Trailing edge blades
    • Aluminum spars
    • Dyneema traveler
    • Choice of North or Hyde sail
    • Harken deck blocks


    There are three rig sizes, which typically correspond to the following weight ranges. Please note that these ranges are ONLY FOR GENERAL GUIDANCE. Height, experience, and ability level are important factors to consider when selecting your rig size.

    ILCA 4: 99-140lbs

    ILCA 6: 135-165lbs

    ILCA 7: 160lbs+


    Length 13'9″
    Beam 4'7"
    Hull weight 130lbs
    Sail area - ILCA 4 50.5ft²
    Sail area - ILCA 6 62ft²
    Sail area - ILCA 7 76ft²
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